Tower of power

The latest game that Bugs and I have been playing just before bedtime recently involves this tower of stacked up building blocks.


It’s a game that we both invented on the fly. What started as a simple game of building and tipping the blocks over has morphed into something different. And quite amusing – to watch from my perspective and lots of fun, judging from the cheeky smiles and giggles emitting from Bugs.

This is how the game works- I build the tallest tower out of the stacking blocks and place an item of interest at the very top. Right now, it happens to be an Eeyore figurine.

Somehow Bugs finds the tower extremely entertaining. She starts to stand up and circle around the tower, constantly gazing at the Eeyore figurine and smiling. A few times, she’ll hold her hand out to reach for the figurine….


Or gingerly touch one of the blocks…


And giggle profusely while standing back to see if her light touches made the blocks tipple in any way.


When the blocks do finally fall down, that’s when the peals of laughter and squeals of delight can be heard!


A very fun and entertaining way to end the day! Till tomorrow everyone!


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