Snip snip!

For the longest time, Bugs has been going around with a little clip in her hair to hold up her fringe.


The clips have been doing a great job so far till recently. It seemed as if her hair had grown to a point where the clips had lost its magical hold for Bugs appeared quite irritated with having hair in her eyes on more occasion than one.

That meant that something drastic had to happen soon. Enter my humble pair of kitchen scissors.


I did toy with the idea of bringing Bugs to a proper hairdresser. But then I found out that it costs about thirty dollars and coupled with the very real possibility that it would be a rather harrowing experience for the little one, some DIY hairdressing seemed like a way more attractive option.

Right after dinner, while Bugs was still seated in her high chair, the haircut happened. The Dude entertained Bugs with an endless stream of toys while I did my best Vidal Sassoon impression as swiftly as I could!


The end result wasn’t too bad (I think)! Still the same old Bugs but with a shorter fringe! It felt like such a momentous event – Bugs’s very first haircut and my very first time as a hairdresser, that I saved the hair clippings in a ziplock bag and placed it in a special envelope for posterity!


I wonder what Bugs will think when she looks at this envelope when she’s much older! Hopefully she won’t be grossed out by the hair!


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