The big one

Oh I am so so excited about this that I just had to capture this down in a post while everything is still fresh in my mind! Our dear little Bugs took her very first few steps! Yes folks! We have walking!


It happened just after lunch. We were hanging around in the playroom after lunch. The Dude and I were savouring our rice pudding desserts while Bugs was busy playing with her stacked blocks.


And then it happened. Just like that, out of nowhere, Bugs stood up and toddled to the tower of blocks all by herself!


The Dude and I were so excited we screamed a big loud ” Hooray” and flapped our hands crazily in the air. And then realised that we’d forgotten to capture the special moment on film!

Thankfully Bugs was quite stoked with her new found skills that she kept practicing at it for quite a while which have us ample time to grab the camera and capture some cherished Kodak moments!

The Dude and I are still blown away by the magic that we just witnessed! Perhaps it was the new shoes, the new haircut or maybe even the rice pudding (I’m a huge fan of Le Rice by Yoplait now) that spurred Bugs on to take her first few steps? Who knows, I’m just really glad that we managed to catch it in action! It’s really been a week of quite a few firsts, especially this big one! And best of all, the weekend is just a few hours away!

Happy happy Friday everyone!


3 thoughts on “The big one

  1. oh how very exciting! Well done Bugs! xxx

    I think this is the most fascinating thing: we only have a vague idea of what goes on in a little one’s head, we can only guess, and isn’t it just wonderful that all of a sudden it’s like a button is turned and they think, “yes, that’s it, I’m ready” and they just do it! Just wonderful!

    Exciting times ahead Daphne, very happy for you! 🙂

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