Signs of spring

Oh! Surely spring is here! The flowers are in bloom – here’s some spring blossom that we got from the market over the weekend! The little pink flowers remind me very much of the plastic version that we used to get over the Chinese new year!


Hemlines start getting shorter in line with the warmer weather. Here’s Bugs rocking her very first pair of bermudas, looking very hip hop in the process!


Your diet adjusts as well to the higher temperatures! Gone are the hearty slow cooked meats and curries. Say hello instead to the lighter fare of sandwiches!


Egg and avocado sandwiches were what we had today! Very creamy yummy and a welcome change from the heavy dishes we’d been having over winter. Plus they were quick enough to whip up in minutes! Even Bugs had some -she finished every bit of it which made Mommy very happy indeed!


Seems like we’ll be experiencing some nice sunny weather over the next couple of days! Can’t wait!


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