Stepping it up

Ever since she took her first steps last week, Bugs has been hard at work practicing her new found skills. It’s been pretty interesting watching how proficient she’s getting with the walking. And extremely surprising how quickly she’s picking up momentum!

We visited the market square playground after finishing our weekly shop today. Very exciting as I’d always wanted to bring Bugs there for a bit of a play once she could walk!


Bugs is still kind of transitioning between crawling and walking at the moment. But if there’s something that catches her interest and she feels up to it, it’s all systems go and away she toddles! Which was pretty much what happened today during our visit!

Her longest walk to date started off with a few steps alongside the playground benches…


Turning the corner and making her way slowly up the ramp, with a little support to the stage area which was some distance away!


Bugs didn’t manage to toddle her way to the stage, just three quarters up the ramp. But that was probably the furthest she’s gone walking to date!

She must have felt pretty happy with what she achieved for moments later, Bugs started making a (very quick) move towards the animals in the visiting animal farm for a look see!


This time, she did make it all the way there, only to spend time checking out the hay that was on the ground rather than the animals that were in the fences! Which gave me a bit of time to scuttle after her and pick up our shopping once she’d finished her inspection!

Always a lovely day to see the little one having fun in her own way! Hope your day is going great too!


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