Art and about

Oh my throat feels a bit funny! I blame the changing seasons and crazy yoyo temperatures that we’ve been experiencing for inflicting me with this latest malady!

Before I head off for some much needed rest, I thought I’ll share my latest collection of interesting artwork that we’ve spotted on our regular walks!

It’s a wee collection – nothing to shout about. But hopefully the colours brighten up your day!

Origami garden scene of flowers and cactus used to display goods, found at the GPO!


Do these look like gold bars or what? Really they are cardboard boxes with gold bar patterns printed on the outside! Spotted at the NGV.


Just a plastic bag you say? It’s actually a plastic Bakers Delight bag that has been repurposed to be a decorative kite! This and the hanging sculptures in the picture below it were part of a japanese recycled art project we saw located near Hamer hall!



What happens when you cross a rainbow with a big cat? Why you get a rainbow big cat of course! This was made entirely out of pompoms! How crazy is that! Spotted in the window display of an art gallery!



Happy Thursday everyone!


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