Something for everyone

How many Eeyores can a little girl love? Well as many as she can get her hands on (I.e. that mommy and daddy can find – turns out the donkey is not as popular as his bear friend from the hundred acre wood). Bugs’s highlight of the day was this big Eeyore plush that we found at the local supermarket!


The plush looked huge enough to have its own car seat and high chair! That didn’t bother the little one at all, judging by the amount of kisses that were showered on it!

Just before bedtime, The Dude mentioned that his highlight of the day was seeing Bugs walking with gusto in the Target store earlier in the day. I’d been telling him how much fun Bugs has practicing her walking, especially in department stores. Especially in the kids clothes section. Here she was in KMart yesterday checking out the sale section.


The summer dresses are all out on the shelves now Bugs was really drawn to the pattern on this cheap and cheerful one so that got added to our shopping basket as well!


My highlight of the day was this awesomely delicious zucchini and mushroom tart that The Dude whipped up for dinner to make up for a rather ordinary takeaway lunch that we had! Give me butter puff pastry over soggy fried rice any day I say!


Its another double post here on this fun filled day! Hope your day is going great as well!


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