Nacho dreams

The Mexican festival was in town today! We stumbled upon it just as we were walking out from the carpark to Fed Square!


It was still quite early in the day so the Square was relatively quiet and the stalls were still setting up. Like this Mission foods stall – all packed with free burrito and tortilla sample packs to giveaway!


We ducked into ACMI for a bit to visit the amazing Screen Worlds exhibition. It was The Dude’s first time there and he thoroughly enjoyed it! We even managed to do a family flip book this time round!


When we headed out again into the Square, the stalls were ready for shoppers!


This plastic rope chair reminded me a lot of avocados and summer – some of the things that you associate with Mexico.


The most unusual stall of the lot was this one. Can you guess what it sells? I’ll give you a hint – Think Nacho Libre…


If you are thinking its got something to do with wrestling, you’re not far off the mark! This stall specialises in wrestling masks! WWE here we come!


We didn’t hang around long enough to catch the band or any of the performances but I’m sure they must have been very entertaining! Mmmmm this post is making me crave for nachos, I’ll have to get me some tomorrow to soothe my crave bone!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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