Of Titifurs and bubbles

You can tell from the title of this post that we’ve been watching a lot of “In the Night Garden” recently, can’t you? We were back at the botanic gardens for a quick evening stroll today.

I love visiting the gardens, especially during Spring! It’s not sweaty hot like in summer and not freezing cold like in winter. More importantly, there are lots of flowers in bloom! All very pretty and colourful to look at!


We found a nice spot in the middle of the gardens to play with our mega bubble wand. There was a light breeze in the air which helped in making those bubbles travel quickly through the air.


Bugs seemed quite amazed at the sight of the giant bubbles. She stared at them, pointed and babbled incessantly as they floated past her. It was a pretty funny sight to watch!


Bugs did run around a bit trying to chase the bubbles but got distracted when a few birds searching for worms on the damp grass crossed her path. She cried out “Duck” and more babbling followed once she spotted them.


The birds did resemble one of the birds in the Titifurs sequence from the Night Garden show. Bugs must have realised that too for she then started chasing after the birds! But like most birds, these were pretty smart and waded away as quickly as they could till they were out of the little one’s sight!

Its always a lovely day in the biggest garden in town! I’ll end off today with a picture of a beautiful camellia flower in full perfect bloom!



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