Unexpected pleasures

Long before the days of Bugs, The Dude and I lived in an apartment that was just across the road from the state museum. We stayed in that place for four full years and never once considered visiting the museum.

We then had Bugs, moved away from that place and very recently decided that it was time we paid a special visit to find out what’s it all about! Especially since we heard how great the place is for kids!


The specially designated Kid’s gallery was a cool place for kids of all ages to hang. Bugs had lots of fun toddling through the hallways…


Peering through the glass portals on the floor….


Patting the giant caterpillar exhibit ….


And exploring anything else that took her fancy, including these lighted stalactite stacking blocks!


But what really surprised me about the museum was not the awesome Kids’s gallery but the exhibits in the other galleries itself. I was really impressed with the dinosaur skeletons on display!


The bugs section did creep me out a little. Anything creepy crawly freaks me out in general so we didn’t linger around this part of the gallery.


There was a whole section devoted to stuffed animals (not the soft toy kind). The Dude and I briefly wondered if they all came alive at night , a la Night In The Museum.


There was so much to take in that we didn’t manage to cover all the exhibits this round. Looks like we’ll have to make another trip back, I know Bugs will be really pleased with that!



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