Spicy business

Wow is it Thursday already? Time really flies in the Spring, doesn’t it? The Dude and I gave ourselves a break from the daily cooking routine and grab ourselves some takeaway for dinner.


We decided to give ourselves a bit of a treat and went to the one and only famous Dainty Sichuan restaurant, well known for its spicy, mouth numbing but extremely delicious delights.


The restaurant was surprisingly very busy when we dropped in – a very good sign that the food was still pretty sought after.


Our Kung Pao chicken dish had a two chilli rating on the menu. It looked deceptively innocent but once we began eating it, the (very) spicy flavours hit our mouths almost instantaneously.


Dinner was finally consumed with the help of three glasses of cold water each! At one stage in the meal, it felt as if I could almost breathe fire!

Spicy Sichuan is truly an unforgettable culinary experience! We’ll be back for more, maybe after my mouth feels a lot less numb from the spice!



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