There’s always a first

Oh if only this little chocolate penguin could talk, it will describe the awesome dinner party that we were invited to!


Did I say dinner party? Yes I did! We were invited by a mom that I’d met in playgroup to her place to catch up over dinner! It was a pretty exciting event for us as it was our very first family outing after dark! Having a kid does change a lot of things. We rarely head out after six – there’s just too much to accomplish before bed time. But this time, we had a special invitation which we really didn’t want to turn down.

The chocolate penguin was our little thank you gift to our gracious and extremely talented hosts. We were treated to an awesome home cooked meal, got to make new friends while the kids had fun on their own playing with the surrounding toys or amongst themselves. I can safely say all of us had fun at the end of the day!

Always a fantastic day when you are amongst great company! Hope your day is a good one too!


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