Footy fever

We were back at Fed Square today to hang out for a bit. The lovely BMW Edge was open so we popped in for a gander.


While it was calming and soothing inside with a classical music rehearsal going on….


Outside in the main square, there was quite a bit of action going on! Footy fever was in town with the Grand Finals happening this weekend!


There were lots of games (mainly those involving kicking a footy ball) and giveaways for the public….



You could even choose to spray paint your hair in the colours of your favourite team if you fancied like this young Blues fan here.


We did queue up for some freebies which included a free photo and autograph with Geelong star Tom Hawkins. Like Bugs, I was quite clueless about what was going on (footy is not my strong point) but it was fun to be part of the action!

On other news on the knitting front, I’m almost complete with my latest project, here’s a sneak preview of things to come! Hope your day is going great!



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