Away from the maddening crowd

It’s the school holidays now which meant that our favourite haunts were busy and crowded, something which both Bugs and I are not so keen on.

After fighting through the crowds during our mid week market shop, we headed to the Botanic Gardens in search of some peace and hopefully quiet.


We were not disappointed. Soothing harp melodies greeted us as we entered the Gardens. It felt as if we’d instantly walked into another world – a peaceful utopia of sorts!


We settled on a nice spot overlooking the lake, with the beautiful harp music still within earshot.


A few birds, including this duck on the far side of the picture, came close to us, thinking we had something edible to share. They quickly moved along when a family of five who were picnicking nearby started throwing bread to feed the birds.


We didn’t hang around for too long and each left the Gardens with a little souvenir – Bugs with a feather from one of the birds and me with a refreshed and relaxed sense of being.


It’s almost midweek everyone which means the weekend is not too far away! Have a fabulous day folks!


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