Pattern magic

If you were a fan of Enid Blyton’s books as a child, chances are you would remember these two characters featured on some of her books….


That’s right! It’s Noddy the toy and Big Ears the brownie! As knitted toys! Aren’t they cute?

I don’t remember much of the Noddy story but I do remember him and wise old Big Ears! Imagine my surprise when I spotted this vintage knitting pattern on EBay going for a song! It really made my day when this pattern finally arrived in the post today!

Oh Noddy really reminds me so much of childhood, those carefree moments where you could just laze about in bed and read books almost all day! I’ll have to find some space in my calendar to knit up Noddy, maybe over the summer break when there’s lots more time.

Since we are on the subject of knitting, I’ll end off today’s post with a picture of some really pretty colourful yarn that I’ve started working with tonight. May the colours brighten up your day!



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