A great opp-portunity

Ooohhh how I love opp shops! There’s always a great bargain to be had if you keep a keen eye out for one!

We visited a couple of opp shops today while running errands. The toy section was absolutely filled with preloved toys, most in a rather decent condition.


I even spotted this hand knitted Jean Greenhowe scarecrow doll that was going for three dollars! The detail and effort that went into this toy is amazing!




We had the chance to pick up a few toys for Bugs – a groovy Wiggles guitar….


A toy vacuum (which will be especially handy when we spring clean) and a little farm set! All of these for well under twenty dollars!


There were a few bags of wool going for sale and I could not resist trawling through them and grabbing a few balls to add to the stash!


The orange wool is going to be especially handy in October, with Halloween on the mind! Now all I need to do is to find some time to knit up a storm with these goodies!

Have a grand day folks!



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