Handmade on a Sunday

It’s finally time for the big reveal! Behold, dear readers, my latest completed knitting project, a pink spring cardigan for Bugs that I’ve cheekily named “Fifty shades of pink”! Or “Fifty” for short!


This was probably the most time consuming project that I’ve done to date. It took me a total of two months and a bit more to complete it. The knitting was concentrated and intense as the needles were tiny and the wool quite fine. Quite a few late nights went into the making of this piece !


Here’s a shot of the project just before I started on the button border. The red buttons were an amazing opp shop find! I love how they add a little shiny accent to the piece!


If you are wondering why the sleeves on the cardigan are short…


Or why there appears to be a darker trim around the edges of the cardigan…


The simple answer is that I miscalculated and ran out of wool and had to do quite a few modifications (which included sourcing some matching wool – the darker wool came all the way from the US) away from the original pattern to complete the project. Thank goodness the end result looks pretty decent!

We celebrated the completion of “Fifty” with a big batch of homemade oat cookies!

The recipe was straight out of Bugs’s baby cookbook which meant that she got to have a bit too! Here she is trying to grab the one that I was munching on out of my hand with little success!


What a whopper of a post! I am counting this as a double to reward myself for all those late nights!

Have a happy yappy day everyone!



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