A day at the museum

Since playgroup was taking a break over the school holidays, we headed back to the museum for a bit of fun!


The museum is fast becoming one of Bugs’s favourite places. It must be the huge spaces and the interesting exhibits that makes the place fun. And judging by the long line of people, mainly families, that were waiting for the attraction to open, it’s definitely a popular Kids’s spot!

We stopped by the nearby playground to wait for the crowd to dissipate.


Once we were in the museum, it seemed as if there was no stopping our little tornado who spent her time exploring the space! Here she is observing the dinosaur fossil in detail….


Checking out the different types of minerals and precious stones in the geology section…


Taking in the photograph of Bourke Street in the 1920s….


And after all that, there was a bit of time spent running around the outdoors play area and playing with hula hoops!


It was quite an action packed morning. No wonder Bugs fell asleep on the drive home! She even stayed asleep when I carried her out of the car seat and into the baby carrier when we finally reached home! That’s definitely a first for Bugs!

I’ll end off today with this sweet picture that I took of Bugs snugly asleep in the baby carrier! Happy Monday everyone!



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