Taking the first step

It’s funny how through observing your kid, you pick up simple life lessons as well along the way. Bugs and I passed by a series of water fountains today on our way back from the library. Water fountains are irresistible to Bugs so she wanted to get on the ground to get a closer look.

But there were some metal drains encircling the fountains which made Bugs a bit nervous. She’s still getting used to different types of ground textures, being new to the world of walking and all.


Bugs circled the fountain a few times before she finally mustered up the courage and took a tiny step on the metal drain…


A few more tiny steps later and she was closing in on the fountain!


Now all she had to do was to squat down…


And enjoy the fruits of her labour! There was lot of splish splashing fun going on here!


It’s true what they say that the first step is always the hardest but once you take it, you’ll never look back! A simple but important lesson learnt from the little one!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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