Night owls

If you’ve been following the blog for sometime, you probably know that not much happens, exciting wise, happens in the house after dark. Well that changed slightly today when we all decided to head out for an evening walk after dinner!


Maybe it was the pleasantly cool weather that prompted us to do it. Or our new resolution to do something different everyday to enrich our lives. Whatever the reason, it was refreshing to see our neighbourhood in a, erm, different light!


Even Bugs had her share of fun when we allowed her to roam about the large open space in the Jam Factory lobby! There was quite a lot of cajoling that had to be done when it came time for us to head home -she absolutely did not want to leave!


The walk did made our evening seem way more interesting than usual! I think we are pretty motivated now to make this a regular feature, weather permitting. It appears that we’ll be having another round of great weather tomorrow, can’t wait to welcome the sunshine!

Have a super Wednesday folks!


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