Friday blessings

It’s kind of weird to start a post and say it’s one’s birthday but I’m going to do it anyway! It’s my birthday today and boy did we have lots of family fun time!

The Dude was sweet enough to take the day off so we headed to our stomping ground – the NGV for some nearby fun!

The weather was lovely and bright, perfect for little people (and big people too) to run about in the sun!


We cooled down under the shade of the building near a spot overlooking the water. I managed to finally get a shot of Bugs standing still after quite a few tries! That’s her dressed in “Fifty” – the cardigan that I’d recently completed. I was really pleased to see that it fitted her perfectly!


All that running about and outdoor play made us all hungry so we stopped for lunch at the resident cafe.


Back home, The Dude presented me with this awesome giant card that he’d secretly made while we were asleep! That was a real surprise for me because The Dude never crafts! Check out the flower at the front of the card, made with some coloured paper and a green straw for a stem!


I was informed that a few days of planning, a couple of late nights and a huge amount of imagination and creativity went into the making of this masterpiece! It’s a really sweet card that contains lots of photos of Bugs and me which he had taken with his camera phones over the year! Pretty amazing, don’t you think?


Oh it’s been such a lovely day! I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate it with the family! Hugs and kisses to everyone today! Till tomorrow everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday blessings

  1. happy birthday Daphne! I became an auntie yesterday (my SIL had a little boy), I didn’t check on much else that was happening in the world šŸ™‚
    Glad to hear you had a nice day, the weather turned out to be pretty nice! And I’m really impressed with the Dude, what a sweet thought xxx

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