The perfect combination

There are some things in life that just go together well – diamonds and pearls, good food and wine, Nutella with just about everything and Oreos and cheese!


Godmum was popping by our place for a visit this weekend which was the perfect excuse really to get some baking done. A cheesecake would be nice and comforting on a dreary spring day! Especially if it’s an Oreo cheesecake!

Making this recipe was lots of fun! First we had to make the cookie base which involved bashing the cookies in a ziplock bag to crumbs. It was an unusually therapeutic exercise.


Then came making up the cheese filling mixture which really involved adding everything and whisking it together….


Making a little meringue and adding that to the mix….


And last but not least, pouring the mix into the cake tin and setting the tin into a water bath before popping into the oven!


Waiting for the Oreo cheesecake to be ready was oh-so agonising! Especially when we could smell it as it was being baked! This golden sight greeted us after a couple of hours in the oven!


The cheesecake was so yummy we had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( with other food of course, living solely on cheesecake is a tantalising but impractical idea)! Well worth the effort indeed! And best of all, there’s still some more for us to enjoy over the next couple of days!


What a lovely weekend it’s been, being out and about, catching up with friends and indulging in deliciousness! I’m inspired now to try another cake recipe, will have to dig into those cookbooks of mine and find something, stay tuned!

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