Pins and needles

I’m not sure about you but I’m generally not a fan of injections. Blood tests and needles make me cringe. I keep my eyes firmly shut or turn away and think very happy thoughts to distract myself from the needle going into my skin.

When it came time for Bugs to get her very first immunisation jab, I’ll admit I felt a bit horrified. The needle seemed so huge compared to Bugs who was just a tiny baby then (although she didn’t feel that tiny during labour). My heart cried as much as Bugs after the jab was administered. It seemed so cruel to subject a tiny baby to such obvious discomfort!

That was the start of our immunisation journey. We kept to the schedule and brought Bugs to each and every one. The Dude always came along for support and provided some light entertainment along the way. We even started recognising the maternal and child health nurses that were present each time we were there, always the same bunch of them, making the rounds around the council we live in.

With every immunisation came the fevers, the tears and more sleepless nights. Somehow, I’m still not sure how, we survived through the rounds. And lived to tell the tale.

Bugs was due for her 18 month immunisation today. The Dude had to be at work which meant it was just the two of us this time round. This time the immunisation was for chickenpox, something we were very keen for Bugs to be protected against.

We arrived at the centre early and waited patiently for our turn. The place was packed with families, mostly with babies who were much younger than Bugs.

It didn’t take long for our number to be called. The nurse who attended to us – I recognised her as the same one who gave Bugs her jabs when she was four months old. She gave me a toy to distract Bugs with and in a blink of an eye, the injection was done.

Bugs was oblivious to the action at the start. She must have felt the prick of the needle for she started to scrunch up her face and cry. But then the nurse whipped up a bubble wand and started blowing bubbles! It was crazy effective -Bugs was so mesmerised at the sight that she forgot what she was doing and started trying to catch the bubbles!

We hung around the centre for fifteen minutes as instructed. While Bugs amused herself with toys in the play area, I gave The Dude a quick call to update him on how it went.

I did heave a sigh of relief when I learnt that the next immunisation would be a few years away. But mostly, I was relieved that our little girl took to the whole event very well and proud at how brave she was through it all!



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