Nature walk

We’ve been to the Botanic Gardens quite a few times now this year but I’ll have to say its only on this recent trip that I’ve really started noticing the plants and flora that are in the area!


Perhaps it’s due to the fact that its spring so there are more things in bloom to see. Or maybe because Bugs is walking now so we pass by these things as we follow her on her exploration around the Gardens.

On our trip today, we passed by a few gumnut trees…


Walked past the veggie patches which were full of fresh, crunchy looking lettuce….


And lovely purple chive flowers…


We chanced upon the enchanting Rose pavilion…


And stopped for a brief moment to admire the scenery and breathe in the faint perfume from the rose bushes nearby…



The weeping pine was fascinating to see and interesting to touch! We had lots of fun playing with the pine needles!


Inspired by our nature walk, dinner today for the whole family was this vegetarian broccoli and cheese frittata, served with a side of salad! It was Bugs’s first foray into frittata and she loved it!


Oooh we are over the hump now and the weekend is not too far away! Hang in there folks! Till tomorrow!


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