The next phase

“She’s officially no longer a baby now.” The maternal and child health nurse said to us when we visited her this morning.

Wow, I thought quietly to myself, this sure is monumental. Did we go through Bugs’s babyhood bleary eyed and sleep deprived, with little recollection of what happened? Did we relish every moment of the experience and enjoyed ourselves along the way?

There were times in the last eighteen months when it felt all grey and gloomy and there were times it felt like sunshine on a rainy day. Good thing the sunny days have started to outweigh the dreary days in recent months.

I wonder what the next phase -toddlerhood will be like. Things are going to be a lot more interesting in the next few months!

One thing’s for sure, Bugs will always be our baby, even though the world may not think of her as one as she gets older!



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