Adventures in the night

Inspired by our recent night outings, The Dude and I decided to shake up our evening routine and head out to dinner with Bugs!

Good old IKEA was our destination of choice. It was close enough and definitely provided indoor fun for the kids. Plus those Swedish meatballs were a real draw.

Unfortunately the famous cafe and furniture haven was closed by the time we reached there so we opted for Plan B – the food court where The Dude and I feasted on some finger licking’ good fried chicken….


While Bugs had her homemade chicken and potato balls with fruit and oat cookies which The Dude earlier prepared.


We walked around the quiet mall after dinner and went into one of the few stores that were still open at that time of the night.


After quite a bit of a play in the toys section with the rubber balls, it was time to call it a night.


It was our second time family night out ever and we all had fun! This sure was a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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