A new chapter

It’s the start of a brand new week and also the start of something new that I’ve decided to try with Bugs – putting her in the pram.

It sounds really strange for it to be a new thing – Don’t all babies sit in prams? Not our little chicken who really wasn’t keen on it from the start. Hence the reason why we’ve carried her all along.

The baby carrier has been a well loved and extremely handy piece of equipment in transporting Bugs around. And quite frankly I was addicted to baby wearing – the feeling that you’re in a constant cuddle with baby roo is quite nice and it is very convenient getting out and about and around tight spaces. Especially when needing to fight the sale crowds!

But the back has been acting up quite a bit recently till it got to a point where certain moves have started to become a bit unbearable. So reluctantly, the decision was made to cut down on the baby wearing for a bit. “After all, what Bugs needs is her mommy to be healthy and happy.” The Dude reminded me.

So our new chapter began today with a walk to playgroup with Bugs in her new (old- we’ve had the pram for a while) ride. It definitely felt different and I’ll be honest to say we are both still adjusting to the experience. And I did feel like I had to give Bugs lots of extra cuddles to make up for it (must be my baby wearing withdrawal symptoms kicking in).

I’m staying positive that things get better once we get more used to it! Have a happy day folks!



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