A silver lining

It’s off on another adventure today for Bugs and me, this time for some music lessons at the Children’s Gardens!


Things were really positive at first – the weather was sunny but cool, some might say the perfect Spring day. We even arrived just on time which meant we didn’t have to wait long. But then as the lesson started, the kids got distracted and some, including this little person, started to wander off.


I tried convincing Bugs to walk back to the area where the class was held but she indicated pretty clearly that she was much happier spending her time somewhere else.

After a bit of exploring and a snack, we strolled around the Gardens….


And chanced across the quaint and loveable Plant Craft Cottage!


The basketry group had their meeting today so it was nice to see the members sit outdoors and weave while we looked around the cottage and its surrounds.


I’m really enjoying our regular walks and surprising finds in the Gardens. I wonder what we’ll find there on our next trip?

On other news, the knitting’s been going great and I’m just about done with my latest project! Just a bit more sewing and it’ll be ready for the big reveal! I’m pretty excited about this one – trust me when I say it’s doubly delicious!

Have a good one folks!



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