Sweet relief

The back has been giving me quite a bit of grief lately. So much so that it felt like it was time to seek some professional help to remedy the situation.

So the heat pads were ditched and off to the physiotherapist we went. The Dude babysat Bugs while I went for my appointment. I was half expecting myself to be poked, prodded and contorted into painful positions but surprisingly, there was none of that. A few simple exercises and advice on posture (slouching is so so bad) was what was prescribed.

Miraculously, by the evening, things started looking up! The pain was at times non existent and I could actually sit on a chair and not cringe like how i’d been doing the past few days! Those deceptively simple exercises were working for sure!

I was deliriously happy (The Dude was as well)! The pain had worried me quite a bit. I wasn’t sure if it would be the harbinger of something more serious. It was completely reassuring to find out to know that it was not and that something could be done about it!

Sweet relief from back pain is definitely a big happy moment! I’ll end off today with a teaser shot of what I managed to work on today in terms of my knitting project!

Have a happy stretchy day everyone!



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