Minnie me

It’s time for the big knitting project reveal and what a perfect day of the week for it to be on! Presenting to you, dear reader, *drum roll*, Minnie Me- a summer, twirly skirt made specially for the little one!


The name of the skirt comes from that of the pattern which was written by the talented Kelly Herdrich, the same designer of the Sweet Berry Love cardigan that I made this winter! That meant that it was an easy and very satisfying knit!


To add to the knitting experience, I was lucky enough to work with some amazing yarn from indie dyer Candy Apple Lane! Check out how beautiful it looks up close! Watching the yarn change colours as I knitted was such an enjoyable experience!


The skirt has a little ruffle edging which makes it perfect for twirling!


I was so happy with this project and the yarn that I decided to make something to commemorate the event (it was after all the first ever skirt that I’d knitted for Bugs) ! Presenting to you, dear reader, my second latest knitted project, Minnie Me too, a little knitted girl doll worked in the same amazing Peach Blossom yarn as the skirt!


Isn’t she just cute with her little twirly skirt? Minnie Me Too now sits proudly on our bookshelf, next to a picture of Bugs!


But wait, there’s more! To top off a fabulous Sunday, Godmum popped over for a visit and we took the opportunity to make some shortbread cookies!


We decided to jazz up our cookies with some good old colourful icing.


This was my best attempt at icing the fairy cookies…


But look at what Godmum did with her batch of cookies! They looked amazing and so pretty! Looks like someone has a real talent for decorating baked goods! That’s going to come in handy in future birthday parties *Must make mental note* !


Sunday can’t get any better than this! What a bumper of a post ! I’m counting this as a double for sure!

Have a fabulous day folks!


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