Sixth sense

There’s something about kids and toys. Like bees to flowers, they just seem to know where to find them!

Take case study subject of the day – Bugs as an example. Place her in the wide open area of our local mall…


And in less than five minutes, she knew how to make her way to the toy section of the department store! How ever did she figure that out!


She even knew that the Eeyore plush that I’d tried to give to her for a play was not the one that we have back home! See how Eeyore (the fake) lies on the floor, after being passed over by the little one in the picture below.


The same curious thing happened with play areas. We started again in the huge open space of the mall…


And like a moth to a flame, Bugs swiftly found her way to the toy features located at the children’s play area!


It’s pretty amazing what their little minds pick up, don’t you think? I wonder what she’ll learn next, maybe how to use the barbecue in time for summer?



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