A picnic we will go

Playgroup was on today and it was a little bit more special than usual as there was a teddy bears picnic going on.

So early this morning, we made some avocado and cream cheese teeny-wiches (baby sandwiches)….


Made sure we packed Eeyore into the pram and headed to playgroup!


It was a nice and sunny day, perfect for picnics and outdoor activity, we settled on a nice shady spot next to the beautiful gazebo….


Placed our food in the centre of the mat and sat down with teddy for some songs and stories!


We were asked to tell a bit about the teddies that we’d brought. Eeyore was particularly pleased when I mentioned that he was Bugs’s BFF (take that Pooh bear!)


The teddies were offered little teddy biscuits and fruit cordial as snacks – very cute indeed! But we didn’t manage to spend a lot of time on the mat for Bugs was more interested in running around and exploring the park than sitting down!

Oh well! Maybe she’ll get the hang of it when she’s older! At least both her and Eeyore had fun today!



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