House of horror

Has it been a bit quiet over here? It’s been a busy few nights preparing for our mini pre Halloween get together with some close pals.


Now that’s it’s over, I can finally reveal what spooky fun we were up to!

First up, meet Bat-Tina, the tiny knitted bat! Bat-Tina was a fun and speedy knit, made specially as a stocking filler for the occasion! Don’t judge her by her size, she’s small enough to cause a bit of trouble (more to be revealed later)!


Since it was a Halloween party, we all had to come in costumes, Bugs included. So The Dude and I spent a few late nights cutting and ironing and sewing to produce this….


Yeap! It’s a prawn sushi body suit! Complete with pickled felt ginger….


And knitted wasabi to garnish!


With Bugs’s costume sorted, we moved on to ours. The Dude decided to go with a classic and here’s his costume – an interpretation of the famous Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman movie ,”Cat on a hot tin roof”! Check out the cat hairband in the picture below!


I opted for a simple get up and decided to dress up as a gold digger. Bugs’s toy sand spade wrapped up in gold foil completed the look.


With costumes sorted, it was time to tie up the other loose ends for the party. That meant hanging up more bunting….


Assembling and decorating the gingerbread house of horror…



Oh look! Here’s Bat-Tina checking out the spooky house before the guests arrived! No Bat-Tina! We have to wait for the guests to come before we can taste it!


Our guests arrived in costume and brought goodies! Strawberry Shortcake (an unrecognisable Godmum) brought along a huge batch of handmade intricately decorated chocolate dipped strawberries, each with a different spooky face! Really yummy and totally hilarious! The Dude and I could not stop eating them! They were so delicious we made sure to save a few to savour today!


It’s been a busy few days preparing for the party! But it was so worth the effort considering how much fun we had catching up with friends, checking out each other’s costumes and stuffing ourselves silly with food and chocolate!

Have a spooky day folks !

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