A new obsession

Ok it’s confession time, I’ve embarked on a new hobby recently. In fact, I’ve been so excited by it that we just had to visit a special place today…..


To check this out!


That’s right! Bales and bales of fabric! Yes I’ve caught the sewing bug recently! The idea of being able to make clothes for Bugs was something that had been brewing in my mind for quite a while. So when we spotted a cheap sewing machine on sale at IKEA ( seriously that place sells everything!), we took the plunge and got ourselves one as well!

Given that it was Spotlight, we took the chance to browse through the aisles and check out the huge range on offer. While Bugs closely examined the cake decorating section….


I couldn’t resist making a short pit stop at the wool section….


And had to walk quickly away before I got really tempted enough to get some of the stuff on display!


We did see lots of really cool fabric on our quick visit, including this Hungry Caterpillar one and managed to find what we were looking for.


My sewing skills are quite rusty, hopefully with a bit of practice, I’ll be able to sew straight and fast and complete something decent to share with you guys soon!

Have a lovely day folks!


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