Sunny side up

What a gorgeous sunny day it is today! We are almost nearing Summer now and the much warmer weather! We were up bright and early today and headed outdoors to the nearby Arts Centre market for a stroll!


I love this arts market! There’s always lots to browse and see! Things may be a bit pricey though but it’s still nice to check out and marvel what the local artists are selling.


There were quite a few stalls, including this one below, selling potions and lotions for (almost) every need.


A stall selling juggling equipment, should you desire to pick up a new skill!


This stall had lots of cute felt appliqué and felt accessories!


I had to walk really fast past the wool stall! The stash bag is getting a bit too full and I’m on a wool diet for now!


*Phew* All that browsing and walking around was a bit exhausting in the warm weather! Time now to relax indoors, perhaps with a refreshing cup of tea!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!



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