Breakfast all day

Ok so our horse didn’t win the Melbourne Cup this year. But that didn’t mean that we were going to let it drag our spirits down and not enjoy the precious holiday!

It’s been a while since we tried a new recipe. Now that Bugs is a lot older, food choices are more interesting especially since we can feed her what the family is having.


So we got out our beloved baby cookbook and chose a family recipe to cook for dinner today – corn and bacon fritters!

The fritters did look like pancakes as they were cooking in the pan. Not surprising considering they were made out of almost the same stuff as what goes into pancakes.



Served with a side of salad and fruit (for Bugs) makes the meal a little more healthy!


The taste verdict? A winner hands down! Just like a pancake, only savoury and very moreish! This is what Bugs’s plate looked like after dinner….


That’s right! Empty! For the first time in a very long while! Wow I’m seriously impressed with this recipe! Looks like it’ll be a regular feature in the house from now on!

Have a grand day folks!



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