Step by step

I’ve been a recipe kind of girl lately, preferring written instructions to just cooking on the fly.


There was some buttermilk left over from those bacon and corn fritters we did the other day. So when I spotted this recipe for some blueberry buttermilk pancakes on the side of the carton this morning, i knew I had to make some for breakfast for the clan.

Pancakes are such a lovely way to start the day, even more so if there’s a touch of blueberries to sweeten up the meal! The recipe was pretty easy to follow and we managed to make 14 good size pancakes from the batter.


Some for The Dude, some for me, a bit for Bugs and a little saved aside for a snack later!


Mmmmm this was absolutely delicious to have – the blueberry juices were oozing out of the sweet, fluffy cakes! I really could have them the whole day! I’m pretty sure The Dude and Bugs would agree too!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!


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