Food fest

Happy Diwali everyone! The Dude and I celebrated the festival of lights in the best way we knew how – with lots of food of course!


The plate looks a bit messy – sorry we are not expert platers here – there’s tandoori chicken at the far right, with a big heap of turmeric fried cabbage to the left of it and a blob of sweet potato mash (leftover from Bugs’s meal). A big scoop of cranberry and pistachio pilaf rice with a dash of mango chutney rounds up the meal! Lots to eat, not that we are complaining of course!

It’s been a busy couple of days prepping in the kitchen for this mini spread, I didn’t manage to finish everything I’d planned but thank goodness what we had this evening was plenty!


On other news, do you know it’s less than ten weeks to Christmas? Time for the Christmas crafting to get into full swing! I’m working on a few at the moment and have a couple more up my sleeve! Can’t wait to share, stay tuned!


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