Bottoms up!

I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break recently as you might have noticed – three whole days since the last post. That may seem like an eternity in some contexts, like when you are in labour (a minute feels like forever in that scenario) or away on a much needed respite from the daily madness. Whatever the case or reason, those three days have given me some time to recharge those little grey cells which are feeling a lot more buzzy than they did before!

Today’s post is kind of a celebratory post. One that concerns this object….


Yeap it’s a plastic cup! One of those that you see selling in the stores at this time of the year (See how the dogs are wearing appropriate headwear for the event). This little cup is really special to us because it’s the very first cup that Bugs picked up and drank from all by herself!

Now if you know us, you probably know about the unique way in which Bugs takes her water – with the help of a spoon. To be more specific, with the help of me or The Dude feeding her water using a spoon.

Like most, we tried to get Bugs onto using a sippy cup but she would have none of that. “Perhaps it’s not the right sippy cup.” we thought so we went on a mini shopping spree and came back with four different types of cups, each with a different pattern or spout. Not one of them worked. Bugs was not keen on using them at all.

“But she needs to have her water!” We cried out. In desperation, the idea is feeding her the water with a spoon was born. We tried it on Bugs and it worked! Finally we had a way to give her some water to drink, albeit it was a unusual and much more physically challenging way (you basically follow the little one around the room with a spoon and mug, very good exercise for the glutes if you are keen to try).

Which was why when Bugs grab the brand new Christmas cup during lunch today and started to put it to her mouth to take a sip, The Dude and I spent the rest of the day with smiles plastered across our faces! Finally the end of the water feeding sessions were in sight! Oh there was of course a lot of fist punching in the air, together with shouts of hooray that took place too when we saw it happen!

Bugs is still in the transition phase now of getting used to drinking water by herself. It will take a little while more but I’m pretty sure she’ll pick it up very soon, like most new skills.

Funny how the simplest things can make your day these days!

Have an awesome day folks!



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