Sunday cheekiness

OhboyOhboy it’s Sunday! My most favourite day of the week! We decided to take the little one somewhere special this morning …….


To the one of a kind, very kid friendly Cheeky Chinos cafe!


I’d heard lots of great reviews about the place from some of the moms at playgroup and did recall Godmom recommending this place recently too. Since Bugs was up extra early this morning, visiting the cafe seemed like a real good idea to burn off the extra energy that she had.

What’s so special about this cafe is that they have an awesome facilitated play area that’s been specially designed by a child psychologist. The concept is simple – you pay a fee and kiddo goes into the play area for a bit of a play for half an hour (or more if you’re planning to have a big meal) while you sit in the cafe area and sip your latte/ eat some cake/ munch on a baguette.

The Dude and I weren’t too confident leaving Bugs all by herself in the play area (even though the cafe tables were less than ten steps away and she could see us and there was someone supervising the kids). So I hung around the play area while The Dude had some “Me” time with a coffee and a piece of cake.

I was half expecting Bugs to want to hang around me when we entered the play area, given it was a new unfamiliar place. But no, Bugs had other plans. She struggled to break free from my arms the moment she laid eyes on the space and spent her time……

Crawling into tunnels…


Crawling out of tunnels….


Checking out the Velcro shapes in the wall…


Exploring the sensory tubes filled with various objects….


And basically taking a closer look at everything in sight!


Bugs was having so much fun in the play area, The Dude even managed to finish his coffee and cake and catch up on the news of the day!


It goes without saying that all that play meant that we had to stop for a morning snack before heading off.


Another place to add to my to visit list! We’ll definitely be back for more cheeky adventures!



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