Better late than never

“You’ll never guess what just happened!” I whispered into the phone on a call to The Dude as Bugs and I made our way home from playgroup.

“What? Tell me, don’t keep me in suspense!” The Dude replied.

“Bugs fell asleep all by herself in the pram on the way back!” I shrieked as calmly as I could.


There was a pause on the other end and then the reply “No way! You’re kidding right?”.

“Way! She’s fast asleep in the pram now! Pop down from work for a moment and take a look!”


“Woah! She is faaaaast asleep! Amazing!” The Dude muttered once he took a look at Bugs in the pram.

“Remember when she was a little baby and how she used to wail the house down whenever we put her in the pram and pushed her around to get her to sleep?” I gently nudged him, “And how she never ever fell asleep in the pram despite what we did?”

“Yeap you don’t forget something like that.”The Dude replied.

“19 months it took us, to reach this stage.” I mused.

“Well better late than never, yeah? I think this warrants a celebratory lunch! Let’s do takeaway!”

“I agree! Lemongrass fried noodles with fried veggie spring rolls for me please!”

“How many spring rolls would you like?” The Dude queried.

I pondered for a brief moment and replied “Two big ones please! I think the occasion calls for a bit of indulgence!”

“Do you want a soft drink or dessert with that?”

“No, let’s save that for when she falls asleep by herself in the car! You never know, it could happen in the very near future!”



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