Discovery time

Perhaps the title of today’s post should be renamed as “How I managed to occupy Bugs for five minutes or so”. But that’s kind of a mouthful for a title, don’t you think ?

We had a bit of time this morning before heading out for the day. Bugs was clearly in the need for some entertaining and it was too early/ convenient to just flick on the telly. So I decided to build her a discovery box.


“What’s that?” you say. Well in a nutshell it’s a box (or in our case plastic container) where you fill it with a variety of objects for the little one to explore with you interfering as little as possible. I’d picked up the idea from reading a post from one of our playgroup moms whose also a keen blogger herself (Check out her fabulous blog here)!

So back to my discovery box, I scrambled this one in five minutes – some crinkled aluminium foil and an assortment of objects laying around the house. It occupied Bugs for two minutes. Yes you read it right – two minutes.


So I decided to try again -build a more interesting box, maybe this time it will have more staying power? My second discovery box included some pasta shapes, Pom Poms, foam shapes and of course, yarn.


This time, Bugs seemed a bit more interested in exploring the contents of the box…


She took her time to study the objects, including picking up the little pasta shapes that were right at the bottom…


And handing a few shapes to me to have a closer look too.


This second box kept her occupied for a good ten minutes before something else caught her eye.


Hmmmm I think I’m getting the hang of this discovery box thing , just need to brainstorm some more items that might interest Bugs. Maybe a trip to the craft store might be needed in the near future?


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