It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

….Christmas! Hands up if that’s one of your favourite Christmas tunes! *Hands up* The Dean Martin version is a household favourite! Well Christmas came a bit earlier for us today for we made a special visit to Santa’s Magical Kingdom!


No we didn’t make a trip to the North Pole for this. Santa’s Magical Kingdom is a Christmas theme park that’s based in Melbourne, just for the festive period! What made this event even more special was that it was a really generous treat from Godmum ! That’s the map of all the attractions in the area above – really useful to have before setting off!

It was a gorgeous sunny day today, the perfect weather to be out and about! There was a little queue into the gi-normous tent when we arrived.


We spotted the mega slide while waiting to enter the tent. The slide was so huge and such a thrill to look at! We were almost tempted to try it but decided it might be more fun (and safe) to just watch others zooming down from great heights instead.


There’s lots to take in when indoors! The place is filled with lots of amusement rides and Christmas themed activities galore! Here were a few of my favourites :

The lighted polar bear sculptures at Snowland, very enchanting to look at…


Checking out the mini deer farm on site, the picture was a bit blurry as the deer was running away while this was being taken!


Playing funfair games at the side show corner – a guaranteed prize at the end of the round, what’s not to love?


Cute mascots roaming the area, perfect for all those Christmassy photo ops!


A pretty eventful day it has been! The little one is fast asleep now after a fun filled, activity packed Saturday. I’ve been religiously working on my Christmas crafting, here’s a sneak peek! Stay tuned for the big reveal very soon!



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