C’est magnifique!

Oooh la la mon petit cherie! I have a very special post for you today. It can be described as, oh how shall I put it, c’est magnifique!

Ok I shall stop tormenting you with my extremely limited French and share with you instead, the beautiful pictures that we took at the annual Melbourne French Festival – Paris to Provence!


Held at the historic Como house and compound, this festival does pack in the crowds! We were lucky to arrive a bit early – that made browsing through the stalls a lot more relaxing!


Being a French fest and all, there was lots of lovely French food on site like these delicious caneles! So totally yum and prettily packaged!


A shop selling pastries with interesting fillings – more on that later.


And of course there was lots of bubbly on scene too!


Now don’t these look mouthwatering? You’ll be forgiven if you want to take a bit out of these, the ‘cakes’ are actually bath bombs, very clever disguises indeed!


This antique organ / music machine was on site enhancing the atmosphere with its quirky melodies – we heard a footy song or two coming out from its pipes!


We took away some goodies for lunch from that pie shop – sausage roll, rabbit and duck pies and an anchovy and onion tart, all as delicious as they sound! The perfect souvenir to remember the festival by!


What a bumper weekend it’s been , lots of things we’ve seen and places we’ve been! The day has been great for us – hope you are having a great one too!


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