The countdown

Alrighty now! It’s the start of a brand new work week and time to get moving and busy! Especially since December is just a few days away!

Remember the sneak peek that I shared a couple of posts ago regarding my latest Christmas craft, notably this one….


If you are wondering what it’s for, wonder no longer! This little picture is part of my homemade advent calendar!

Now this advent calendar I’m making is really simple. Nothing fancy plus it’s really cheap to whip up. Only uses a pack of envelopes, some coloured sticky (washi) tape, some stickers and an old magazine for decoration (I’ve used the free magazine that the supermarket gives out during the festive period here).


So here’s what I did : Cut the envelopes width wise in half and you end up with a square pocket which has one open side. That’s going to be the individual ‘advents’ that will form the calendar.

Stick decorative sticky tape all around the frame of the square pocket (See picture for details).


Cut out a Christmassy picture of your liking from the magazine and stick in the middle of the frame.


Add a number sticker (this was the first pocket I made so hence the number “1”) and voila! One ‘advent’ done!


Stick some Christmas sticker on a small piece of paper, write a little note….


And put it into your little advent pocket to complete the deal!


I’ve made ten of these little pockets so far, here’s how they all line up!


Just fourteen more to go and this will be done! Stay tuned to find out how it all comes together!

P.S: Special thanks to Bugs who happily entertained herself while I pulled this together!



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