It’s My store

“Have you been to level 6? You have to see it for yourself, it’s amazing!” The lady at the entrance twittered cheerily to us as we strolled into the Myer store on Bourke Street. “Ok let’s go and see what the fuss is all about.” The Dude said and off we went to our latest destination.

The wait for the lift was really long. The lobby was filled with kids and their parents, all waiting to go to the sixth floor as well! Pretty strange huh? Well whatever was up there better be worth the fifteen minute lift wait, I muttered to The Dude.


When we finally arrived, we saw this…


A bit difficult to make out from the picture but it’s Santaland -a mini wonderland for all to enjoy! There were queues galore to ride the special Christmas train….


Snap a photo with Santa or with a gingerbread cottage..


There were so many people queuing up for the activities that we almost turned back to the lift until…


We spotted the trim shop located right next to Santa’s wonderland! Window shopping here we come!


There was a lovely miniature Christmas scene on display….


It had the cutest tiny moving carousel….


And mini ballet theatre complete with tiny dancers! Absolutely fascinating to look at!


There were loads of pretty (and expensive) items that you could get to decorate your tree with, like these felt plum pudding baubles…


Or if shiny is your thing, rest assured you have a huge selection to choose from.


There was a giant bear on site and lots of people (including us) could not resist stopping to give him a cuddle.


There was also an opportunity to post a letter to Santa instore on some specially designed stationery!


What an unexpected free activity find! It’s sure putting us in the Christmas mood! Think we’ll be blasting Christmas music for the rest of the day now!

Hope your hump day is going great! Happy Wednesday everyone!



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