On a string

Remember the advent calendar I was making a few posts ago? Well finally, after a few nights of concentrated effort, number 24 is complete! Which meant it was time to put the whole thing together! Rather timely given that today is the last day of November!


I had this idea in my head that I’ll peg each individual pocket up on some fancy ribbon that I’d picked up from Spotlight. Just like hanging clothes but fancier.


It seemed to work well but we realised that all the advent pockets could not fit onto the ribbon. Plus it was kind of difficult to make out the fancy ribbon when the pockets were spaced so close each other.


So we decided to use some thinner string to hang the pockets. That worked really well…


For about five minutes till the sticky tape that was holding the string up started to give way. Oh dear! Looks like we have to think of another way to hang this all up!


The Dude put his engineering cap on and came up with a simple solution – removable hooks to tie the string on. It took some time to get the tension and positioning of the string just right….


And here’s the end result!


We had to string two rows in the end as there was simply not enough space to fit all twenty four of these pockets in one row.


Our homemade advent calendar now hangs happily (and securely) above the tv and just in time for the countdown to begin!

I can’t wait to start unveiling what I’ve put in the little pockets! December is just a few hours away, stay tuned!



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