And so it begins

Could it be true? That the posts today would equal to two? Well, it is the first of December today, which means that *ahem* the Christmas Countdown has begun!


Today’s little advent note is…..


To set up the Christmas tree!


If you are looking at the photo above and thinking “that doesn’t look like a real tree.”, you’re absolutely right! Now that Bugs is mobile and very curious, the fake tree seemed like a much safer option. No possibility of stuffing pine needles into little mouths you see!

Once the tree was assembled, we all pitched in to help hang the decorations.


There were the leftover pieces from last Christmas….


And new ones like this wooden horse we’d got from the Scandinavian bazaar earlier today….


And these five knitted stars! Yes! The knitting is still going strong! That’s what I’ve been making the past few weeks!


The colours of the stars might be a bit mismatched….


But they were each made from wool which I’d previously used to make something for Bugs! A good way to remind myself and keep track methinks!


Once the final decoration, this silver angel with Bugs’s footprint imprinted on it, was placed….


Our tree was complete!


Now all it needs is a few presents to be placed at its base! Which reminds me it’s time to do up my list and check it twice!

Hope your day is going great folks! Till tomorrow !


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