It’s Sweeeede!

Hello Saturday! Hello weekend! I’ve been waiting for you the whole week you know! All because there’s always lots of exciting things happening on the weekend! Like the Scandinavian Christmas bazaar for example!


It was so close to home and so interesting sounding that it felt too good to pass up! Plus it was held on the grounds of the historic Toorak house, another cool place to visit!


I wasn’t expecting to find IKEA there, which is quite tragic that the only thing I know about Scandinavia is the furniture store (Vikings don’t really count, do they?). There were lots of other stuff at the bazaar which gave a sneak peek to what Scandinavian culture is about. There were stalls selling beautiful handmade Christmas decorations….


I was so tempted to get this cute little felt doll for Bugs till I saw the price…..


There was a stall selling intricate paper cuttings as decorations….


You could find almost all things Scandinavian there, like clogs! Especially like these clogs! I heart the orange ones!


The open faced seafood sandwiches were so tempting but it was really packed and tried as we might, it got really difficult to get seating at the dining area.


Bugs spent most of her time being happily entertained in the pop up animal farm on site. Here she is bravely poking the guinea pigs – they and the goats were a real hit with her today.


Our modest shopping haul from the bazaar was this: a homemade gingerbread cake from the Swedish school bake sale and a couple of Christmas decorations to jazz up the house with!


A very interesting experience indeed! We’ll be back next year for sure! Hopefully this squealy little fellow will be around too!



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