Sew simple

There’s something about the seasons that seems to influence everything that you do. You crave the warm indoors and hearty meals in winter and the sunshine and sandwiches in summer. Same applies to crafting, the hot weather seems to be particularly conducive for handling cotton fabrics and…..


That’s right, sewing! It’s been a real trip down memory lane with this latest craft. The last time I actually used a sewing machine was when I was fourteen (a long time ago) in school. It was one of those old Singer machines that you had to paddle consistently to get the old girl going. Sounds like fun but I hated every minute of it. Couldn’t see the point of it when it was clearly way easier to buy something straight from the shops.

Sometime in my adulthood, I’ve had a change of heart. I begun appreciating the beauty of making something from one’s own hands. Which brings me to my very first sewing project – a little summer skirt for Bugs!


This simple tutorial was what I followed to make the skirt. It was really well written and the pictures were very helpful as I progressed along with the project.


Like most things that you attempt for the first time, making this skirt took a long time. I made countless mistakes along the way. The Dude even helped out with parts of it (he’s real good at reading sewing instructions it seems). The first skirt that we completed took us three days. But then we realised that we’d made it too short for Bugs!

*Ugh* So it was back to repeating the whole process again – cutting the fabric, sewing the hems…


This time round, I added a bias tape border at the end of the skirt to make sure that the end product didn’t come up too short. It took quite a bit of time to get it sewn on , mainly because my sewing skills are still quite raw at this point.


Here’s the finished project – Bugs’s very first homemade summer skirt!


The skirt is not totally perfect (see how the seams don’t line up in the picture below) but it doesn’t matter , I’m quite in love with it! And bowled over that I managed to sew something from scratch!


Here’s how the skirt looks on Bugs when we put it on for a try – not too bad huh !


Here’s the two skirts that we’ve made side by side each other, the first test skirt is the one that Bugs is stepping on!


Hmmm I think I’ll plan to make a few more of these skirts for summer! It’s so exciting when there’s something new to learn and look forward to!

Hope your day is going great! Have a good one folks!


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